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South Central Wisconsin Doula Network

South Central Wisconsin Doula Network

SCW Doula Network is a professional organization of doulas serving Madison, Dane, and surrounding counties. Doulas are able to come together to network and learn; families are able to learn more about doula services, and connect with doulas practicing in their communities.

I'm a parent, looking to hire a doula...

Congrats!  Please peruse SCW Doula Network members to find out more about the doulas practicing in the area.  Most have websites, and we encourage you to reach out to explore more.  Doulas are more than happy to meet up for a no-commitment meeting so you can each get a sense of one another and determine if it’s a good fit.  To learn more, check out our About Doulas page.

What does a doula do?

Doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support to families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.  During pregnancy doulas meet with their clients 4+ hours to develop a one-on-one (two:) relationship, discuss any questions or concerns a family has about birth (your doula cannot replace a childbirth class), and help to create a birth plan.  During labor doulas provide continuous labor support from active labor through til a couple of hours after the birth.  Postpartum, your birth doula will followup with 1-2 visits to process the birth, and address any immediate postpartum concerns and questions.  You may also considering hiring a postpartum doula, who provides the same physical, emotional, and informational support to families learning to care for a newborn.  Please explore more on our About Doulas page.

I'm a doula looking to learn more about SCWDN...

The SCW Doula Network grew out of a rich history of doulas supporting doulas.  As the doula profession in Madison (and surrounding areas) has grown, different doula communities have grown.  Woohoo for professional expansion!  But many doulas were feeling disconnected outside of their smaller communities, so interest in creating a unifying professional organization grew – and voila!  SCW Doula Network!  Please explore membership – join other doulas in learning, networking, and promoting doula professionalism.

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Network professionally with other area doula professionals...


Professional learning

Quarterly opportunities for learning opportunities...



Listing of your doula services on a well-trafficked referral site...


Mentorship Opportunities

SCW Doula Network members have access to a mentorship program which will help doulas hone both birth and business skills...

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