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Looking to learn more about doulas?

Doulas give informational, emotional, and physical support to families both prenatally/at the birth, as well as in the postpartum (whether it’s your first or subsequent).


They have a unique role in the birth process as they don’t give medical care and so can give emotional and continuous support in a way care providers often cannot; they work “for” the family (unlike hospital staff); they are knowledgeable about birth (in a way most family members are not); they head home to sleep after the birth and so can continuously support a laboring mom (in a way partners may not be able to); and they care about their clients without wanting to build a relationship with the baby (making their support different than that of friends and family).


Doulas generally meet with their clients 1-2 times prenatally, attend the birth continuously from active labor through til a couple of hours after birth, and provide 1-2 postpartum visits as well.


Postpartum doulas are available to provide informational, emotional, and physical support to families in the postpartum period.  They are available to give hands-on help on a variety of issues/topics including breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, sleep, babywearing, diapering, birth processing, light housework, and meal prep.


Please check out our “About Doulas” for more information.

Want to get connected with area doulas?

Most all of the SCW Doula Network members have their own websites, but you can learn a bit more about them by exploring their profiles here on the SCWDN website (and find links to their sites, as well as contact info).


Doulas are happy to meet with you for a no obligation 30-45m “interview” where both a family and the doula are able to get a sense of one another, ask and answer questions, and see if there is a good fit.


And doulas are generally not a competitive bunch – so we encourage you to set up at least a couple of interviews!

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