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Professional Development

SCW Doula Network Members meet quarterly for enrichment meetings.  Topics change each meeting and include both “in-house” meetings and meetings with invited speakers.

Peer Support & Community

Meet and network with other area practicing doulas.  Learn from one other, find support, and discuss both business and practice strategies.

Business Networking

Through SCWDN meetings, get your practice out there in front of other doulas, and businesses in the birth community.  Learn more about who else is practicing and what they be able to offer your clients.

Business Listing on SCWDN Site

Have your profile and business listed on a site that consistently gets traffic and high ratings in internet searches.

Mentorship Program Access

SCW Doula Network will be offering access to a mentoring program to SCWDN members.  Opportunities both to be a mentor, and to be mentored will be made available to members.

Opportunities for Leadership

There are plenty of opportunities within SCWDN for leadership roles – whether as a part of the steering committee (yearly commitment), as a mentor, or through enrichment meeting management roles.

Join SCW Doula Network TODAY!

Requirements of membership:

Active doula and/or postpartum doula practice in the SCW area

Attend as many meetings/year as possible

Bring a spirit of community to your membership in SCWDN


Yearly Membership - $50/yr ($35/yr renewal)

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