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What Mentorship will include:


* weekly group mentor/mentee meetings (to be determined by mentor group whether in-person, online, or combination)


* accompanying a mentor to a prenatal with 3 different families


* accompanying a mentor to a birth, as well as the postpartum followup meeting


* assistance on creating a personal history/intake form that is catered for personal doula style


* guidance on contracts


* building community resources


* getting to know local birth/medical community


* how to balance oneself in a birth setting


* guidance in managing lifestyle and self-care


* guidance with creating professional boundaries


* strategies on how to market oneself and determining self-worth


* help creating a personalized elevator speech


* guidance with how to best represent oneself in an interview and guidance on how to determine when a family is a good fit


* addressing management of professional expenses and filing taxes


* guidance on how to organize and work with back-up


* share strategies around different doula business models; as well as a familiarization area business models


* address how to find professional balance and thoughts on how to incorporate other services


* discussions on how to make doula work do-able financially


So, you’re interested in being a mentor?  Awesome!!


SCWDN is accepting applications for a 8m commitment starting in the summer of 2015.  Join the flagship SCWDN Mentor Program in paving the way!  Mentors will be financially compensated.


Requirements for mentors:


* SCW Doula Network Member


* We are asking for mentors to be at Stage 3+


* Actively taking clients (privately or through SM)


* Ability commit to program checklist (see mentorship program tab)


* Ability to commit to 8 months


* Commit to attend all group mentee meetings (frequency, online/in-person to be determined)


Please apply!  And email if you have any questions.


Applications will be accepted summer of 2015 for a SCWDN Mentorship Program start date of September!  Please email us if you’re interested in getting an email notifying you that the application process has begun!



There will be a fee for this program, though payment plans will be welcome.  More details to come.

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