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General Info

SCWDN meetings are open to all area doulas.  We welcome non-members to attend up to two of the meetings before committing to membership!


We meet quarterly.  Please check out SCWDN’s Facebook page for upcoming meeting info.



Please see meeting topics via SCWDN’s Facebook Page.


*Postpartum mood disorders

*Processing birth – both with families and as a doula

*Better understanding complications – GBS, PROM, hypertension and preeclampsia, GD, & nb blood sugar testing

*NICU Support

*Prenatal/childbirth education opportunities

*Placenta preparation – what does the research say and how to discuss the options with clients

*Self-care as a doula

*The hormones of birth – an indepth discussion

*It’s more than just luck – a panel discussion

*The first hours – evidence-based breastfeeding w/Adria Canon

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